Best Baby Bouncers of 2020

Finding the best baby bouncer can be a complicated and lengthy process. There is a very wide range of products on the market and there are many different designs. When buying a bouncer, you should consider criteria such as power supply, functionality, comfort, and extra features to find the best model.

This is what makes research so time-consuming. If you don’t have the time or you just want to make a quick but good decision, you can follow our purchase recommendation. For example, we can fully recommend Babybjörn’s Balance Soft, as it is not only very stylishly designed, robustly built, and has a high-quality organic cover, but also ergonomically and practically constructed.

Alternatively, we can also highly recommend Chicco’s high-quality Easy Relax rocker, because it is compact and robustly built, has an ergonomic design and offers many different adjustment options and a high level of safety.

5 Best Baby Bouncers in 2020

A good baby bouncer can save a lot of stress, as everyone who looks after babies or has done so before knows. The market offers an almost impenetrable selection of rockers at different prices, with different features and functions.

So the first question you should ask yourself is whether the baby bouncer should be electrically driven or not, and the question of maximum load capacity also plays a role.

In the test of the best baby bouncers in 2020, you will find models without motor or another electric drive that meets the highest quality and safety requirements and for which a recommendation to buy can be made. Of course, all the models tested, including the low-priced baby bouncers, have a good belt system that contributes to safety.

Among the test winners is also a baby bouncer with a load capacity of up to 18 kg. The top value in the test.

1. Balance Soft baby bouncer

Balance Soft baby bouncer

In the test, Balance Soft baby bouncer impressed with two things in particular: stability and design. Not only does the Balance Soft look modern and stylish, but it’s also very robust and well thought out. The couch can be adjusted in four positions: Play, rest, sleep, and transport.

The baby bouncer can be folded completely flat for transport. In addition, the organic cotton cover, which is available in ten (!) different colors, is easily removable and can be washed in the washing machine. So it is not so bad if something goes wrong.

The baby’s movement is converted very well into a smooth rocking motion, but the Balance Soft never gives the impression of tipping. The seesaw is suitable for 0 – 2-year-old babies who have a weight of 13 kilograms and measures 89x39x58 cm.

Due to its design, the baby always lies ergonomically well, so that the rocker is also recommended for a nap. This is not always the case with the competition. The breathable mesh material also helps here.

All in all, BABYBJÖRN’s baby bouncer is a convincing choice, and there’s only one thing that speaks against buying it: the price. As the most expensive bouncer in the test, the test winner is certainly not suitable for everyone. Apart from that, it’s a clear recommendation to buy.

The test winner among the best baby bouncers of the year 2020 was able to score in the test especially because of its stability and the extraordinary design. We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the test report for you in the following.

  • Design: The bouncer is visually very different from the models of the competitors so that it is not only a good baby bouncer but also a modern and stylish bouncer, which is also available in ten different colors.
  • Construction method: Experience with the baby bouncer has shown that it is very much designed for durability because it is robust and well-thought-out. Since it can be adjusted in four positions, you can set it to exactly meet the needs of your child at any given moment – excellent!
  • Transport: The rocker can be folded flat for easy transport, which is a great advantage over other, often very bulky models.
  • Cover: The cover is made of 100% organic cotton and is easy to remove and clean.
  • Ergonomics: The ergonomics here are much better than with most other rockers. This makes it the only one in which we can recommend with a clear conscience to let the baby sleep.
  • Price: The chic design combined with the excellent workmanship has its price – Babybjörn’s rocker is one of the more expensive models on the market, so it’s certainly not worth buying for everyone.
  • Weight: With a weight of 13 kilograms, the model is one of the heavier models of its kind.

2. Chicco Seesaw Chicco Easy Relax

Chicco Seesaw

Chicco’s Easy Relax model is the second most expensive seesaw in the test and came in right behind the test winner. The rocker was able to convince in the test by its stability and the good and ergonomic lying position of the baby.

Compared to the test winner, the cover, which is available in four colors, is made of polyester and the rocker weighs only 2.7 kilograms in total, so it is considerably more compact. The overall dimensions are 78x43x27 and the loading capacity is stated by the manufacturer as 9 kg.

The specification also proved to be useful in the test, because as soon as the baby stands up, the shifting of the center of gravity makes it easy to tip over. Nevertheless, the Easy Relax, which can be fixed in three different positions, was convincing in the test and made an overall robust and durable impression despite its compact design.

Whether the purchase of the Chicco model is worthwhile for you, you can take your time to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages in the following comparison.

  • Construction: The rocker is very solidly built and fully designed for durability and robustness.
  • Ergonomics: The ergonomic properties of the model are very good so that it is not a tragedy if the child nods off in the cradle or lies there a little longer than planned.
  • Adjustment possibilities: The fixation in different positions is very easy and on the bottom line very well solved.
  • Carrying straps: The carrying straps make it very easy to transport.
  • Price: The price of the cradle is in the upper price range, so that a purchase is certainly not an option for everyone.
  • Only for babies who cannot sit alone yet: If the child shifts the weight too much forward, the rocker can easily tip over.

3. United Kids 601217 Baby bouncer A603

United Kids 601217

The inexpensive 601217 baby bouncer from United Kids is relatively simple in design and looks quite unspectacular at first glance. But it does not claim to be spectacular either. Above all, it is one thing: a good and affordable baby bouncer.

This is how the model was able to assert itself in the test as the price-performance test winner. Because the bouncer comes without frills but has a robust and safe construction, has a soft and dirt-repellent surface and the adjustment of the backrest worked well and was easy to handle.

In addition, the baby’s movements have been converted into pleasant and smooth rocking movements.

Like Chicco’s model, the 601217 is equipped with carrying straps that make transport easier. With a handy weight of 2.5 kg and dimensions of 75x50x29, it is slightly larger than the Easy Relax. This is also one of the few disadvantages.

The rocker is approved for a weight of up to 9 kilograms but is actually a little too large for this so that the deep seat cushion and the wide lying surface make it somewhat less ergonomic. The baby doesn’t lie as perfectly as in the Chicco or BABYBJÖRN rockers.

Nevertheless, the rocker can of course be used without hesitation, but you should be aware of the fact that it is only for a limited period of time! All in all, United Kids has developed a very affordable baby bouncer that can be highly recommended and has made it into the list of the top baby bouncers for 2020.

If you are still undecided about whether the purchase of a United Kids bouncer is worthwhile for you, the following comparison of strengths and weaknesses may help you in your purchase decision.

  • Price: In terms of price, it is in the entry-level range, so that the price-performance ratio is very good on balance.
  • Construction method: The construction is kept simple, but impresses with its good stability and long service life. It is also very light and handy, weighing only 2.5 kilograms.
  • Support: The support is soft and dirt-repellent, making it very easy to clean.
  • Adjustment options: The backrest can be comfortably adjusted and fixed.
  • Carrying straps: Thanks to the straps it can be carried very easily.
  • Ergonomics: Due to the wide and deep lying surface, the ergonomics are not quite ideal. Therefore it should always be used for a short period of time.
  • Breathability: Unlike most other covers, the cover is not breathable – this is the price for the possibility to wash it off easily.

4. Bright Starts Bouncer for babies and toddlers

Bright Starts seesaw

Bright Starts is the market leader in electric baby bouncers. With model 60127, the manufacturer also offers a baby bouncer without motor, which in the test was particularly convincing due to its robust construction.

Because a baby bouncer up to 18 kg load is not necessarily common. A battery also fits into the Bright Starts model, but not to support the rocking movement, but to add vibration. Since only non-electric baby bouncers are tested, this function was not taken into account in the evaluation.

The 60127 has – just like the fifth-placed model from Hauck – in contrast to the other rockers, a removable play bar.

All in all, the rocker was convincing in terms of design and construction, but the ergonomic features and the adjustability of the backrest had to be compromised. With a weight of only one kilo and a size of 86x71x61 cm, the model is also very compact. If you are looking for a non-electric rocker with a toy bar and you appreciate the vibration function, we recommend buying this model from Bright Starts.

The Bright Starts rocker is a highly recommended model that has its own advantages. Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you, you can take your time to consider the following summary of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Construction: The construction is robust and safe, resulting in good durability and longevity.
  • Load capacity: At 18 kilograms, the load capacity is very high.
  • Additional function: If necessary, you can insert a battery and switch on a vibration. But even without vibration, it can be used as a conventional rocker.
  • Play bar: The model has a removable play bar that the child can use to play.
  • Transport: Due to its compact design and a weight of only one kilogram, it is very easy to transport.
  • Ergonomics: The ergonomic features are not very good. Therefore you should always put the baby in the rocker for a short time only.
  • Adjustability: The backrest can only be adjusted to a limited extent, which is also at the expense of ergonomics.

5. Hauck Babywippe Bungee Deluxe 635025

Hauck Babywippe Bungee Deluxe

Hauck’s affordable baby bouncer was the second cheapest in the test to make it into the list of the best baby bouncers in 2020. It also has a play barn, a multi-adjustable backrest, a beautiful cover design, and also has carrying handles.

The backrest is also height adjustable. However, the function made a somewhat shaky impression in the test, so that it must be feared that after frequent use, a defect could occur here. Nevertheless, the favorable seesaw kept its promise, because a firm stand was guaranteed and there was no danger of tipping over at any time.

Only the design of the lying surface was not quite optimal. An ergonomic lying position can hardly be established here. But the 2.6 kg baby bouncer is not intended for sleeping either. All in all, with the 635025 you get a robust and inexpensive baby bouncer that is definitely worth its money.

With the 635025, Hauk has a simple but good baby bouncer in its range. The following summary shows the strengths and weaknesses of this bouncer.

  • Price: The price is in the lower middle range. This results in a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Play bar: Thanks to the play bar, the child can occupy itself in the seesaw for a short time. It can of course also be removed as an option.
  • Design: The simple but good design is rounded off by a chic printed cover.
  • Transport: Due to its low weight in combination with the practical transport handles, it can be taken along or moved from A to B very easily.
  • Construction: Due to the good and well-thought-out frame, it stands very firmly and securely.
  • Adjustability: The backrest is adjustable, but the mechanism behind it is not ideal so that frequent use of the function can lead to defects.
  • Ergonomics: The lying position is not ideal. It should therefore never be used for sleeping.

Buying Guide

To calm or distract a baby, it is worth buying a baby bouncer. Even if you only need a few minutes for yourself or want to have your hands free, it has already served you well. Compared to a cot, however, you must remember that the baby should never stay in the bouncer for a long period of time.

The models are also unsuitable for sleeping. When you buy a rocker, make sure that it is battery operated or has a mains plug.

Finally, when choosing the best baby bouncer, factors such as additional functions (ease of installation, covers, etc.) as well as the movement and rocker functions and other features to increase comfort also play a role. When comparing the prices of the various models on offer, you should also bear in mind that the rocker is only used for a short period of 5 – 7 months.

Power supply

Battery operated baby bouncers have the advantage that you can use them everywhere without having to pay attention to the power supply, but it also means that you have higher follow-up costs than with bouncers that are operated directly at the socket.

Of course, there are also bouncers that do not require any power supply at all and are only activated by a slight push from an adult or by the movement of the child itself. Especially if you are looking for an inexpensive baby bouncer, these rockers are of course much cheaper than automatically operated ones.

However, the disadvantage here is that this movement is necessary and the bouncer is therefore irregular. The recommendation goes clearly to the electric-powered model. If you can’t make up your mind, among the best baby bouncers in 2020 there are also those that can be operated both by the direct power supply and by the battery.

baby bouncer

Range of motion and comfort

Basically, a higher price for a baby bouncer does not necessarily mean that it is more comfortable or better. You often pay a large part of the price for the design or brand. With regard to the possible movements, you will find a number of different models on the market.

For example, the manufacturers offer devices with vibration, up and down swinging, or even lateral movements. However, tests have shown that the smooth swinging movement forwards and backward is completely sufficient in most cases.

Some babies do not like vibrations at all and it tends to make them feel uncomfortable, while others accept it quite well and even doze off. Basically the basic version is already sufficient in most cases. More important than investing extra money in more rocking functions is to pay attention to good seat padding and comfort.

The baby’s back should be well-padded and ideally have an adjustable position setting. It makes sense here to choose a middle ground between very thick and soft padding and a very hard couch. The cover should also be removable and washable, as a damp nappy can quickly come into contact with the fabric.

Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the material as well as the padding and a comfortable and convenient lying position. More resilient rockers for older children can often be adjusted in the sitting position, as older children can already sit on their own.

In this case, supporting padding should be available. For newborns, on the other hand, removable padding in the head area is very useful.

Sensible additional equipment

In addition to the simple installation of the rocker, additional equipment is also available. Of course, you should make sure when buying the seesaw that a good and solid three-point belt is installed so that the child cannot fall out of the seesaw. Additionally, for many

Models play bows available, which can be mounted on the seesaw. These have proven to be very useful aids when it comes to distracting the baby for a moment.

In the test, models with music were also preferred to those without this function, as they had an additional calming effect on the baby. Especially here you should also pay attention to reviews of other users because some cheap baby bouncers give a nice melody a partly rather tinny tinkling of itself – you don’t want this and neither does your baby.

If you want to transport the rocker more often, make sure that you pay attention to the weight and the possibility to fold the model. This is because some stationary rockers are very unsuitable for transport and are only intended to stand firmly in one position.

If you would like to use the see-saw outdoors in summer, it is highly recommended to choose a model that is equipped with awning can be equipped or you can bring one as part of the set. In principle, it is advisable to first test a model and see how your child reacts to the different functions, rocking movements, and the rocker itself. It can happen that babies prefer a simple cradle without any functions to an expensive automatic rocker.

Every child reacts differently. In the end, you should choose the model that is most likely to make your baby feel comfortable. Then, over a period of several months, you will have access to an aid that can make your daily routine much easier.

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