Best Baby Thermometers of 2020

The children’s thermometer must be fast, reliable, and non-invasive—features not always found in the same device. There are several technologies developed after the ban on mercury devices. Infrared, digital technology and unique design are combined to offer reliable and easy to use products.

In this article, we briefly present the essential features of some of the most popular products among consumers. Comparing these offerings will allow you to aim straight for the best product. Saving time and money and aiming straight for the best.

Baby Thermometers

As the Aesfee – Infrared model convenient and easy to use, just point the sensor on the forehead and wait a few moments. Philips Avent – BabyCare Beauty Set offers a complete set that includes everything you need for the care of your baby from the first days of life.

Top 5 Baby Thermometers in 2020

The following ranking aims to clarify the ideas about which thermometer for children to buy by proposing those most appreciated by users this year.

1. Ear and Forehead Infrared Thermometer, 3 in 1

Ear and Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Among the thermometers sold online, this digital infrared model collects several very favorable opinions. It is easy to use and lends itself to detect the temperature from both the ear and forehead. A convenient solution because it allows you to use the thermometer as it is most comfortable depending on the age of the patient.

The thermometer detects the temperature even without coming into direct contact with the substance to be measured, so it lends itself well to being used to control the temperature of the bathwater. Even room temperature can be measured with this versatile device.

The design is very accurate and attentive to detail. It is easy to grip, and the sensor easily moves towards the source you want to know the temperature.

  • Most possible measurements: It is not surprising to find this model among the best-selling of the year as it lends itself to detect the temperature on the forehead or ear, but also liquid or environmental temperature.
  • Fast: It takes a few seconds to obtain useful data, and an acoustic signal warns you of the detection.
  • Comfortable to hold: The shape is specially designed to make it easy to keep the instrument and start measuring.
  • It may require more than one measurement: Before peeking at where to buy this thermometer, it is good to accept that this, as well as many other similar devices, are not free from the risk of erroneous measurements.

2. Philips Avent SCH400/00 BabyCare Beauty Set

Philips Avent SCH400

It’s a great gift idea for an expectant mother who has to prepare everything she needs to take care of her little one. After all, the set is characterized by its low prices, certainly lower than the choice to buy each of the accessories separately. Here, in addition to the useful digital thermometer, there are also other indispensable accessories.

Most newborns are born with few hairs; even the big hairs tend to lose them in a few weeks. But combing the head is a good habit that helps to promote circulation and free the skin when the milk crust forms. Here you will find a tight-toothed comb and brush with soft bristles.

To cut the nails, there are files, scissors, and clippers. Nothing is missing. Oral hygiene is ensured by the silicone thimble with bristles. Finally, a manual pump allows you to free the nose from mucus.

There’s little to add to the thermometer: it’s the same model that Avent offers for sale separately, almost at the same price as the set.

  • A vibrant set of accessories: Cheaper than choosing to buy each of these accessories separately, the kit is appreciated for the choice to include only useful tools.
  • Digital and flexible thermometer: The thermometer boasts professional features, plus it is fragile and discreet and, almost unnoticeable, whether you measure underarm or rectal temperature.
  • Case to store the kit: The case is cared for and designed to enclose and protect all the contents.
  • There may be less useful pieces: New and newly opened, it seems that it should be used forever. But newborns grow up quickly, and you find yourself with objects that are only used a few times and then to be replaced with more effective versions.

3. CocoBear Children Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

CocoBear Children Digital

Opinions on this infrared thermometer are generally very favorable. It is a solution designed for those who need to measure body temperature in a few moments.

It can be directed towards the face to measure the frontal temperature, or you can remove the cap to measure directly inside the ear.

It takes the temperature in a few moments and shows the result by backlighting it with a green or red light, depending on the degree of alert required. A great comfort because it allows you to get an immediate idea even if the room is in semi-darkness to let the child sleep.

It uses a sensor patented in Germany to guarantee the quality and reliability of the data detected. This aspect is crucial because it gives an excellent parameter to define the overall quality of the device.

  • Very cheap: How to choose a good thermometer for children? Also, taking into account the price, which in this case is very convenient.
  • It can also measure the water temperature: And the ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the ear or forehead.
  • Complies with current standards: The device uses a sensor patented in Germany that is particularly sensitive and effective. On a positive note are the awards received for sales in Europe and the USA.
  • It may not always be accurate: Slightly dirty sensor, not perfectly aligned position may lead to inconsistent data of a few tenths of a degree.

4. Chicco Digi Baby Digital Thermometer

Chicco Digi Baby Digital Thermometer

If not the best baby thermometer, certainly one of the best selling on the web as in the pharmacy. The Chicco digital model is easy to use and is characterized by the speed with which it returns the data.

The thermometer can detect rectal or armpit temperature. In this way, it is possible to use the thermometer even with newborns because the time needed is minimal. The structure is flexible and allows you to reach the exact point to position the probe even under layers of leotards and dresses.

When the baby grows, and you can hold it still long enough, it is easy to measure the armpit temperature because the thermometer is not cold and is not even noticeable—especially when compared to traditional glass models.

It allows you to show the data in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

  • Easy to use: The probe is very thin, and the flexible shank allows it to be easily positioned where it is needed.
  • It emits a sound signal: There is no need to keep track of the shutter speed because the thermometer automatically signals the end of the detection.
  • Comfortable housing: The transparent plastic box allows you to keep the probe clean and tidy without exposing it to the risk of damage.
  • The display is not backlit: It looks like an insignificant detail, but it helps to control the temperature in the half-light. It’s missing here.

5. HYLOGY Digital Multifunction Ear Infrared Thermometer

HYLOGY Digital Multifunction Ear Infrared Thermometer

Among the best thermometers for children in 2020, we find this exciting headset model. It is appreciated for its ergonomic shape and the possibility to quickly detect the data that is immediately shown on the backlit screen. The information is marked with an unequivocal color code, where the temperature of 38 ° C is marked with red light and that of 37 with orange light.

It becomes easy to identify the condition of the small patient at a glance. It is easy to use just by pointing it in the ear. Here, the lens is used to scan the temperature, and an acoustic signal warns that the measurement has been completed. It is activated at the push of a button and acts in a short time.

  • Simple to use: Simply place it inside your ear and press the button for the probe to probe the temperature and return the data.
  • Ergonomic: It is easy to hold and allows you to detect the data firmly and quickly.
  • Effective in the measurement: If the probe is well cleaned and inserted correctly, it can give reliable and precise data.
  • It may not be ideal for very young babies: Newborn ears may be smaller than the size of the probe.

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